Flexible Conveyors

They are used in reloading zones, courier sorting centers and small companies. They streamline the loading and unloading of packages, filling the space between the loading zone and the vehicle. Thanks to the scissor system, the conveyor can be set in the shape of e.g. letters C, S, O and we can adjust its length.

Driven flexible conveyor

Flexible conveyor improves internal transport in logistics centers. Adjustable speed ensures adaptation of the device to the needs and allows control of the transport process. The maximum length of the conveyor when unfolded is three times greater than the rest length. This saves space during [...]


Flexible gravity conveyor

Flexible gravity conveyor with its specific rollers used, offers the greatest flexibility among devices in this category. Its undoubted advantage is the large load capacity of 450 kg/m. The maximum length after unfolding is four times the resting length. This saves space during storage. [...]

a1 sorter katalog

A1 Sorter – Catalog 2022

Katalog Produktowy A1 Sorter

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the newest catalog of our products.

On its pages we present modern automatic devices for internal transport and sorting of goods.

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