Belt Conveyors

Belt conveyors are used to transport items of standardized shapes and of various sizes. The advantage of this type of equipment is very low noise and minimal vibration during operation. The use of an electric drive ensure a high smoothness of work and a large torque, which is available from the moment of commissioning.
Lifting belt conveyors are necessary for transporting objects between levels. They are characterized by high efficiency.

Zone belt conveyor

This type of conveyor combines the functionality of two systems, i.e. belt and 24V. Thanks to the belt structure that supports the transferred object over the entire surface of the base, the conveyor accumulates goods of various shapes and sizes. Each zone of the conveyor is driven by an [...]


Belt conveyor

It is a high-performance device, which, thanks to its design, supports the object over the entire surface of the base. It is an ideal solution for transporting small items, poly mailers and all packaging with an unhardened bottom. The conveyor consists of a drive console, steel frame, conveyor [...]


Lifting belt conveyor

Used in places where it is necessary to transport the item at different levels. Thanks to the gentle upper and lower fractures, the object smoothly overcomes hills. The device consists of a drive console, steel frame, conveyor belts, tensioning belts, support rollers system and blends.

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