Specialized Systems

In complex warehouse automation systems it is necessary to use advanced devices in conveyor nodes. They support the redirection of objects to the side lines, change the direction of movement and arrangement.
All such devices are electrically powered – 24V.


The diverter is used to direct objects to lines at an angle of 30°, 45° or 90°. Loads are redirected according to the setting of the rotary rollers. In some cases, it is possible to change the orientation of an object by 90°.



Pop-Up is used to redirect loads to a line set at an angle of 30 ° or 45 °. The objects are lifted by means of an electric motor and then moved through the rollers at a suitable, fixed angle. For this device, the item does not change the orientation of the position during redirection.


Belt transfer

The basic function of belt transfers used in warehouse automation systems is to shift the load between parallel or perpendicular lines (picking stations). Objects are lifted by means of an electric motor and then shifted to the side line by means of transmission belts. The load is transferred [...]

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