Without the load carrier, the smart platform AVG measures only 40 x 60 x 21 cm and is with 29 kg a lightweight. With the self-guided A1 Sorter C4060, smaller, internal transports in production and logistics can be handled safely and efficiently. The A1 Sorter C4060 can be equipped with various load carriers.

Product specification

Load capacity: 1 200 kg
Navigation: SLAM lidar navigation (+/- 1cm)
Dimensions: 1,663 mm x 604 mm x 827 mm (L x W x H) without mast Signal main mast: Standard height 2,235 mm
Signal mast: Standard height 2,235 mm
Weight: 222 kg
Lifting height: 240 mm
Turning diameter: 1,704 mm or 1,783 mm with Euro pallet
Fork length: 1300 mm

Technical specifications

Symbol Explanation Dimensions
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A1 Sorter – Catalog 2022

Katalog Produktowy A1 Sorter

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