Cross Belt Sorter

Cross Belt Sorter is an automated device for sorting goods based on sales orders. The products are placed on large, four-sided trays, either manually or automatically. In the right place, the tape-tray directs the goods on it to one side or the other (right or left). The sorter can be oval, U-shaped or linear. The device’s design is influenced by the available built-in space and the number of target channels and slots necessary to maximize system performance optimization. The Cross Belt Sorter allows to create several sorting areas in just one cycle.

Product specification

Products transported: Cartons Boxes Trays Poly mailer
Environmental temperature: 0°C ÷ 40°C
Speed: 1,8 m/s
Voltage type: 400V
Conveyor width: 500 ÷ 1100 mm
Drive transmission element: Transport belt
Drive: Electric rollers 24V
Number of trolleys: individually according to client's needs
Minimum Product Dimensions: 75 x 75 x 5 mm
Maximum Product Dimensions: 600 x 400 x 400 mm
Weight of products: 0,10 - 25 kg
Actual preformance: to 16000 packages/ h
Accessories: Band, Band ends, Supports, Control cabinets,

Technical specifications

Symbol Explanation Dimensions
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