The main task of sorters (sorting lines) in warehouses is to support the process of picking and distributing goods. They often become an inseparable element [...]

Gravity Conveyors

Gravity roller conveyors do not have their own drive source. Loads are moved due to their own weight and a properly selected angle of inclination [...]

Conveyors 24V

24V conveyors are driven by electric rollers connected by means of multi V-belts with other rollers. The design of this type of equipment allows it [...]

Conveyors 400V

400V conveyors are driven by three-phase motors. The use of high power engines limits their number in the transport system, which reduces the costs of [...]

Lineshaft Conveyor

The lineshaft conveyor is a simple and very popular solution for transporting loads. The system requires a small number of drives, which significantly reduces the [...]

Belt Conveyors

Belt conveyors are used to transport items of standardized shapes and of various sizes. The advantage of this type of equipment is very low noise [...]

Flexible Conveyors

They are used in reloading zones, courier sorting centers and small companies. They streamline the loading and unloading of packages, filling the space between the [...]

Specialized Systems

In complex warehouse automation systems it is necessary to use advanced devices in conveyor nodes. They support the redirection of objects to the side lines, [...]


Conveyor nodes are used in complex systems serving several zones, including: receipts, picking, storage and dispatch. Thanks tothe use of devices in this category, the [...]

Warehouse Lifts

These are complex structures that enable vertical transport of objects on several floors. They occupy a small area, have high performance and high functionality. We [...]


Komponenty uzupełniające, pozwalają na konfigurację przenośników adekwatnie do potrzeb. Akcesoria dzielą się na mechaniczne i elektryczne. Elementy mechaniczne służą do zamocowania lub stabilizacji przenośników. Elektryczne [...]

Packing Benches

Specialized, modular packing benches are equipped – depending on the model – with automatic or manual height adjustment of the top. They increase the ergonomics [...]

a1 sorter katalog

A1 Sorter – Catalog 2022

Katalog 2022-2023

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the newest catalog of our products.

On its pages we present modern automatic devices for internal transport and sorting of goods.

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