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We are a company that has been providing solutions for comprehensive warehouse equipment and design of logistics systems in internal transport for over 20 years. We manufacture high quality warehouse automation devices, including sorters, conveyors, specialized systems, warehouse lifts and a wide range of complementary products and accessories. To produce them, we use subassemblies and components from leading manufacturers such as Siemens, SEW Eurodrive, Datalogic, Sick and Ammeraal Beltech.

Our production plant is equipped with high-performance and advanced devices that guarantee high precision. Production and technological processes are largely automated and robotic. This allows maintaining consistent high quality products and monitoring the timeliness of orders.

To meet customer requirements, we are constantly working on new solutions and improving existing ones. We carry out tasks thanks to experienced engineering and technical staff. We are intensively developing our research and development offices and cooperating with university centers and scientific institutions.

The A1 Sorter project is addressed to integrators and distribution companies from Europe. The wide range of solutions we propose allows our clients to limit the number of suppliers, simplify the coordination of order execution and eliminate the risk of incorrect cooperation of devices and components. In order to improve communication, our partners receive access to a personal configuration panel. This modern IT device allows to verify the price of selected elements as well as prepare and submit demand. We pay special attention to efficient and quick order processing. A large part of our products is ready for immediate shipment. The devices we supply meet European standards and directives.

The A1 sorter is a highly reliable partner that helps companies to make the most of business opportunities and enter the path of rapid development.


a1 sorter katalog

A1 Sorter – Catalog 2022

Katalog Produktowy A1 Sorter

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the newest catalog of our products.

On its pages we present modern automatic devices for internal transport and sorting of goods.

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